Sleeper bus from Danang to Lao Bao border

Danang city to Lao Bao border

You can be easy to book the online tickets at

– Length: 250 Km, about 5,5 hours.

– Departure time from Danang: 8:00 am

– Booking office in Da Nang:

Representative office of Da Nang central bus station at:

Add 1: 01A Pham Ngoc Thach, Da Nang city, Viet Nam

Add 2: 63 – Huynh Ly St, Thuan Phuoc ward, Hai Chau Dist, Danang, Viet Nam

Tel: (+84-236) 3 89 82 86


WeChat: Danangbus

WhatsApp: +84907401090


Our sleeper bus from Da Nang to The Lao Bao international border for Visa run, between Laos and Vietnam, departs at 8:00 and arrive Lao Bao border around 15:30 (double ways tickets with 1 night hostel in Lao Bao included)

Lao Bao is a small town in Huong Hoa District of Quang Tri ProvinceVietnam, located in the North Central Coast region, near the border with Laos. Its population is approximately 30,000.

As Lao Bao is located in an advantaged area of commerce and border trade between Vietnam and Laos, this small town has opportunities to do business and exchange timber with Laos and Thailand for profit. Although it is a small town in the border area, it also provides several jobs for the people there. In comparison with the provincial capital of Dong Ha in standard of individual earnings, the earnings of inhabitants of Lao Bao are higher. In Lao Bao the Sepon River (Vietnamese: Sông Xê-pôn) is the border line between Huong Hoa and the Savan province of Laos. This river is only 1 meter in depth and its width is about 100 metres. Surrounding the river is a jungle with large, tall trees. Several commerce and trade initiatives with Laos and Thailand have been recently developed in Lao B?o

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